Update: 6 Weeks In

Six weeks ago, I started a new job. I’m working at Jacksonville University as the Web Communications Specialist, a title which, roughly translated, means “Girl of Many Internet Hats.” Mostly, that means I make new web sites, renovate old ones, and fix the ones that have broken. I also have a big hand in the university’s web-based strategic communications, such as the university’s online news hub and its social media efforts.

In the last six weeks, I have:

  • created documentation outlining the university’s online communications strategy
  • built the materials for a fundraising campaign that brought in thousands of dollars for the university
  • helped get some of the university’s largest departments on track to more organized web content
  • made improvements and repairs to a host of web sites

And the coming weeks will be just as packed.

I am still teaching at the University of Florida in addition to my day job. Some days, I wonder if I’m certifiably nuts for trying to do both. Others, I see the light bulb turn on for one of my students, and the insane hours are worth it. My second semester as an adjunct lecturer is nearly over; I’ll be finishing up the summer term in two and a half weeks, just in time for a bit of late summer travel. I know this–working both jobs–is only temporary, but I’m not quite sure how temporary yet. At the very least, I have some time to decide.

Now, back to work.

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