Improving the Dev Process with Github and Grunt.js

Today has been an adventure, to say the very least. It turns out the command line is indeed a gift, and I’ve been a fool to avoid it for as long as I have.

In the course of one afternoon, I have:

  • Finally made version control, a la Github, a part of my dev process
  • Installed Grunt.js (and Node.js) and a few handy plugins
  • Built a new local WP environment with the Underscores blank theme and converted the theme styling to Sass with the help of sassy_s

Now, I know I am late to the bandwagon on some things here. None of this is stuff I would have known anything about before grad school, and I only really developed a comfort level with things like JavaScript and WordPress PHP about a year ago. The command line, in particular, just seemed kind of intimidating.

I haven’t actually done any development today, so I can’t really attest to the boost in productivity just yet, because I’ve been having a ball exploring Grunt.js, trying new things, and troubleshooting my experiments, but I’ll get there. I’m still having way too much fun looking for any remaining plugins I might need and imagining all the other ways I can use these new tools. I will say this: I may never look back.

If you, like me, find all of this a little intimidating and aren’t really sure where to start, I have a few recommendations:

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