Featured Plugin: WordPress SEO

I’ve talked before about my hesitation to put all my eggs in the SEO basket, but that definitely doesn’t mean I’m averse to applying SEO to my sites. Although you shouldn’t rely solely on search engines for your traffic, there’s no reason not to make your site friendly to the spiders employed by the major search engines. On a static site, that would involve a great deal of planning and strategy. On a WordPress site, all of that is lessened significantly with the aid of plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast. This plugin builds so much SEO into your site with just a little bit of fix-it-and-forget-it setup that I can’t imagine why anyone running a WordPress site wouldn’t use it.

The plugin does quite a lot, and I recommend checking out the plugin page (or just installing it) for a better look at the full list, but, as a few examples: it can create sitemaps and notify Google and Bing of their development, it reminds you to enable pretty permalinks and gives you easy access to your .htaccess file so you can do it correctly, it looks for images in your posts and reminds you to give them good alt tags, and it allows you to see a snippet of your pages/posts as they would appear in search results so you can better gauge the length and effectiveness of your meta content.

Really, this plugin is just too handy not to install if you have any desire to get eyes on your web properties.

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