Featured Plugin: W3 Total Cache

Page speed is everything. If your page takes any longer than 3 seconds to load, users are going to give up, and they aren’t likely to return. Now, 3 seconds is plenty of time for any basic site to load, but, when you start adding in scripts and stylesheets and images, you start bulking up your site pretty quickly. Page speed also contributes to your ranking in search engines, so I consider it an essential aspect of SEO.

There are a number of ways you can improve your site’s performance: compressing your images, minifying your code, making fewer calls to scripts, and so on. Google offers outstanding tools like PageSpeed Insights, but, with WordPress, there’s a plugin that outshines even Google’s utilities: W3 Total Cache.

This plugin allows you to easily control the caching of your pages and the minification of your code, for starters. It also works with Google’s tools when you provide it with a PageSpeed Insights API key. The tool approaches optimization from many angles to cut download times, improve server performance, and make your user’s experience better and faster.

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