Featured Plugin: Ultimate Coming Soon Page

I’m not always a big proponent of coming soon pages, but, in the development process of the Jax fastpitch! web site, I definitely found a need for one. I reached a point in development where I really needed to start putting the live site together. I’d built most of it locally, thanks to XAMPP and this handy article over at Six Revisions about installing WordPress locally.

Once I had the local build pretty close to finished, I moved to a development server. I created a password-protected directory on the web host, and I installed WordPress there to continue developing, testing, and tweaking.

comingsoon2Ultimately, though, I needed to move to the live site so I could install the various plugins, get the analytics and webmaster tools set up, build in all the SEO, and upload the site’s content. That’s where the Ultimate Coming Soon Page plugin came in.

As soon as I installed WordPress on the root domain, I installed the Coming Soon Page plugin and turned it on. It took me all of three minutes to get the plugin set up, upload the fastpitch! logo, and style the text to be on brand. With the landing page in place, I was free to upload content and get everything set up without the risk of having people stumble across the site before it was ready. Anyone who logged in could see the full site, but visitors just saw the landing page. When the site was ready to go public, all I had to do was turn off the landing page. Two clicks. That’s it.

Definitely a plugin I will use for future WordPress projects.

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