Featured Plugin: Countdown Timer

When I first had the idea to include a countdown timer on the web page for fastpitch!, I had my doubts. I’m a believer in not turning away an idea just because you’re not sure you can do it, though, so I included it in the design and decided I’d work it out later.

Of course, “later” came around, and I started looking for ways to implement a functional countdown timer. The problem I began to see was that I needed a way to reset the timer every time it finished counting down, and it needed to be as easy (and, preferably, automated) as possible. The person who’ll be maintaining the site is busy, after all, and liable to forget to update it after each event. She also isn’t all that comfortable working with code, so it had to be easy to update.

I found the perfect solution in Countdown Timer, a WordPress plugin that accepts multiple dates and automatically updates when each event has passed. It can be set to show how long ago an event was, it can automatically delete that event and skip right on to the next one, and it can show one event or multiple events at once. And it’s incredibly easy to add dates; the plugin adds a GUI to your dashboard under Settings, and you just plug dates into that. Quick, easy, and automated. It doesn’t get any better.

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