Featured Plugin: Broken Link Checker

Sometimes you stumble across plugin you never knew you wanted. Today, that plugin was the Broken Link Checker. This plugin does exactly what it suggests. It crawls your site and examines every single link to see if any of them are broken. It completely automates the arduous task of QA testing each link yourself. When it finds broken links, it even e-mails you to let you know about them. You then have the option to either unlink the anchor text or update the link.

It’s such a little thing, really, but it’s one of those small, invisibile bits of maintenance you can do to boost your credibility. I say “invisible” because your viewers probably won’t ever know about it, but they’ll definitely notice if you aren’t doing that kind of maintenance.

For a much larger site, working without the plugin or some other analytics tool, this would take a very long time indeed. Being able to install one little plugin, turn it on, and have it do all the work for you is an incredible time-saver.

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