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CoWork Jax


April 2013


fastpitch! is a monthly event, at which five entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to a crowd of investors, spectators, and fellow entrepreneurs. The event had a logo but no website yet, and I was tasked, as an intern at CoWork Jax, with designing and developing that web site. I had never built a WordPress site before, though I was starting to learn WordPress and PHP in one of my classes at the University of Florida. This project was a crash course from beginning to end, and I loved it.

I began the process with a number of sketched, wireframed, and mocked up designs. My internship supervisors helped me to select and revise the final design, which I then began development on. I developed the site locally while working to get the hosting, domain name and FTP set up.

Because the person who would maintain the site was not comfortable with code, I had to make the entire site easy to update from a GUI. The countdown timer was the most difficult part. I used the Countdown Timer plugin as the base, and I modified the PHP to turn out the timer the way I wanted it, and to incorporate the input from the dashboard in a way that made the whole thing function without any further manipulation of the code.

You can see this project live here, at

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