So Foresight is a plugin that I installed despite the red flags that would usually scare me away. By the way, those flags:

  1. The plugin hasn’t been updated recently.
  2. The plugin isn’t compatible with the latest (or at least a very recent) version of WordPress.
  3. Very few people have installed it.
  4. Very few people have given it 4+ stars, and/or lots of people have given it 1 star.

I made an exception for Foresight because the creator happens to be one of my professors. At first, I had no problems with the plugin at all. Unfortunately, after updating to the latest version of WordPress recently, I found that I could no longer use parts of the text editor. I couldn’t add links, nor could I switch to the plain text editor to write the HTML instead.

Now, to be fair, Foresight may not be the sole culprit of this problem, but, to troubleshoot, I deactivated each installed plugin, one at a time, and the text editor worked after disabling Foresight.

Maybe one day the author will update it. In the meantime, I’ll have to miss out on the plugin’s security features.