Featured Plugin: Tablepress

If you’ve seen the sticky post at the top of my blog, you’ve seen Tablepress at work. Now, personally, I’m pretty comfortable with the HTML for tables, but the Tablepress plugin provides functionality above and beyond what basic HTML can provide. It’s a plugin designed solely for the purpose of building WordPress-friendly, sortable, paginated tables.

When you install the plugin, a Tablepress section appears in your dashboard. For me, it’s right under “Comments.” To create a table, you select the size, and then you enter the data for each cell. I’d say that table setup using Tablepress isn’t any faster than writing a table from scratch, but the added functionality of sorting and filtering and pagination is such a bonus. Additionally, you have the option to import and export your tables to/from Excel or HTML files, an incredible asset for large amounts of data.

Because of the nature of this blog, I can’t see myself using it very often, but I can definitely see cases where this plugin would be really valuable.

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