My big news: a spring internship at CoWork Jax!

It’s official: I am the very first Design Intern at Cowork Jax. This is hugely exciting for three key reasons:

1. I get the opportunity to learn from Dennis Eusebio, whose UI work is the stuff of dreams, and Varick Rosete, whose illustration skills I can only hope rub off on me. They actually made up my mind for me when they offered feedback on my portfolio during the interview, and then told me to make a list of a few things I specifically wanted to learn during my time there. Music to my ears, I tell you.

2. I’ll be working alongside a host of innovators in all kinds of different industries and occupations. CoWork Jax is home to more than 80 members, ranging from CPAs to designers to architects to grocers. Coworking spaces foster collaboration and networking in beautiful ways, and I can’t wait to see who I’ll get to meet and work with in my time there.

3. I’ll be contributing to the growth of coworking in Jacksonville. Coworking spaces do great things for the local economy by supporting small businesses and giving talented employees a way to stay where they’re at. I believe a strong coworking community is vital to the development of Jacksonville as a tech-friendly city, and CoWork Jax, at just one year old, has done a phenomenal job of getting that community started.

I start in January, and I’ll be there for 12 weeks. It’s going to be a challenge, especially since I’ll still be doing two masters classes and working part-time, but I’m absolutely certain it’s going to be so worth it.

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