The impossibility of choosing a typeface.

Type and color are the two aspects of design that most intimidate me, because I always worry that my eye for aesthetics is not as strong as it should be for such tasks. And yet… I love typefaces, and I could play with color all day everyday (I actually have an entire Pinterest board devoted to my favorite color palettes).

The problem is that there are just so many choices. There are thousands upon thousands of typefaces up for grabs on the Internet, and every one of them has its own personality and attitude and connotation. Script fonts are showy and elegant, and sans serif fonts are clean and so versatile they’re almost invisible.

So how do you choose? Of course you have to factor in accessibility; different computers are equipped with different typefaces, so you run the risk of losing your styling on computers that don’t have the right ones. Readability is important, too. Script fonts are a terrible idea for paragraphs of content, because their curls and calligraphy create less familiar letter shapes that tend to run together. Clean serif and sans serif fonts are better for long blocks of text. And slab serif fonts, with their dramatic serifs and thick strokes, can be great for titles and headers, whereas a classic serif font might not attract enough attention.

I haven’t decided yet what typefaces I want to use on my site. I’ve put a lot of thought into it, and I’ve done a good deal of research, and I just don’t know yet. I am considering using a slab serif font for my navigation links, because I love slab serif fonts, but I’m not sure yet if that will be appropriate.

I want my site to be my primary web presence. I want it to be a site that prospective employers can look at and think “This girl is exactly what we’ve been looking for.” I think such a site demands more classical serif and sans serif fonts, but I also want to push the boundaries a little bit. I want the site to be professional, yes, but I also want to infuse it with my personality. I want visitors to get the impression that I’m vibrant and creative and energetic, but I am also organized and focused, and I enjoy channeling my energy into the projects I take on. I just don’t think the old standby serif/sans serif combination will communicate that adequately.

So I’m thinking… maybe a Script font for my name/logo at the top of the page, a graphic that mimics a signature. If I can produce a clean version of my signature in Photoshop, I may even use that. I haven’t decided what to use for the navigation links yet. I want a smooth, readable font—maybe a serif—for the body text of the pages, and I want to use a tidy sans serif font for the site map link and copyright info in the bottom corner of the pages.

Of course, all of this is tentative, pending final typeface selections. I’ll post an update when I settle on specific choices.

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