Color palette creation.

After drafting about 8 potential color schemes and ultimately scrapping a number of them, I think I’ve settled on one that works for me. I wanted colors that would blend professionalism with personality, and I think I’ve finally got it.

Here’s what I’m thinking.

Cream: This will be the background color of the text boxes. It’s not quite white; I worried that pure white would offer too much contrast. I think this creamy color will be a little more harmonious with the rest of the colors I chose.

Green: This isn’t normally my favorite shade of green, but I love it in conjunction with the blues and the pink. I wanted to include green in some capacity, because of its psychological connections to growth, nature, and safety. I want to use this as an accent color.

Teal: My favorite color. I had to include teal, because it’s so representative of me and of my personality. It has the peace and calm and dependability of blue, but it has a little more energy to it, a little more warmth. It’s not as cold or passive as blue can sometimes be. I haven’t decided yet, but this may be the primary page color. I’m hunting for a stock wood image I could use as the background for the pages, in which case I would use this as one of the accent colors, probably for the titles of the various page elements. All of this is pretty flexible, though.

Gray: This neutral is close enough to black to pick up some of the power and depth, but it’s not so dark that it’s overpowering. I intend to use this for the body text throughout the site.

Pink: This salmon-y pink brings warmth to an otherwise fairly cool color scheme. I like the energy and importance of red, but I wanted a color that would work well with the rest of the colors I’d selected, that would be a little less passionate and overpowering than red, and that would communicate a bit of femininity. I want to use this as an accent color, as well.

So there you have it. None of this is perfectly set in stone—shades may alter a bit as I start to apply them to the site—but this is the tentative color scheme for my shiny new portfolio site.

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